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Crucible Camp

The first week of school for all incoming students and students who have held leadership positions. This first week of school allows students and staff to know one another, begin developing discipleship relationships, and learn more about the Iron Academy Honor Code. 

“This camp was fun to go to and enjoy. Going to Crucible Camp makes you feel like you have a huge family. That's what makes this camp so important. My favorite thing is the hard things you do to feel like you deserve to go to this school, such as carrying the rock. This school changed me, not just because I did these crazy cool things, but because of what this school has to teach me, and I am ready to learn.” - Iron Academy Student

“My favorite thing that happened at Crucible Camp was the part during the Crucible when we discussed “FOLLOW THE KING” in the Honor Code. Having followed all of these team building exercises got me to know my peers during that hard, but fruitful, week. When we prayed over each other, I felt this sense of belonging and brotherhood I had never felt before. These guys had my back, and in turn I had theirs.” - Iron Academy Student

Forging Camp

A 5-day camp for rising 9th graders or any new high schooler the year after they attend Crucible Camp. Held in the remote mountains of Virginia, students learn survival skills and stretch themselves in ways they never imagined. 

“Forging Camp helped me grow closer to God and discover His majesty by being encompassed in His creation.” - Iron Academy Student