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How to apply

We are glad your family has made the prayerful decision to apply to Iron Academy. Please click below to create an account and access the online application. 

The following grades will be full or nearly full for the 2024-2025 school year. Families are welcome to apply and join the wait pool in case a spot becomes available.

6th grade - limited seats remaining
9th grade - limited seats remaining

7th grade - full
8th grade - full


We do not accept applications for rising Juniors or Seniors.

Admissions FAQs

When a class reaches the maximum capacity of 15, applicants are placed in a wait pool, not on a wait list. This means, if a seat becomes available, the IA Admissions team will review all applications and select the best candidate, regardless of when their application was submitted. 

The applying student and both parents (if applicable) are expected to be present for the final interview.

The culture of Iron Academy is dependent on the right selection of students and families. Not everyone who applies will be the right fit or the best fit. Iron Academy attempts to collect as much information about a student and his family as possible in order to make the best assessment possible. This information is collected during a student's shadow day, answers on his application, academic evaluations, referrals, etc. 

If, at any point during the process, it becomes evident that a student or his family is not the right fit for Iron Academy, we will contact the parents to end the process so as not to waste the family's time. If this determination is made after submitting an application, Iron Academy will communicate a denial of acceptance.  Because many parts of the admissions process are confidential, we are unable to discuss the specific details of our decision regarding any applicant.

Due to the unique nature of our school, Iron Academy must be very selective in choosing which students and families to accept. Many aspects of a student are considered when looking for the right fit. Because many parts of the admissions process are confidential, we are unable to discuss the specific details of our decision regarding any applicant.

Iron Academy is an intentionally small school with limited resources and therefore does not commit to following IEP's. We do not offer any specialized services or tutoring that an IEP may recommend. We will be happy to review an applicant's IEP to determine if we believe he can be successful in our academic setting. Some students have found the structure of Iron Academy to be organically beneficial to their needs or their diagnoses and have flourished, but this is not always the case. Please contact us at to discuss your son's specific needs in more detail.

The upperclassmen of Iron Academy are expected to be the leaders of the school culture, leaders in discipleship, and mentors to the younger students. Demonstration of biblical leadership is a requirement for graduating Iron Academy. An incoming Junior or Senior will not have had the time or the training to develop in these roles and meet expectations. 

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us.

919-977-8811 ext. 105