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“Iron Academy is more focused on academics and brotherhood than a larger school.” - Iron Academy Student

It is our calling, our mission, and our expertise to reveal God's perfect design within each student. Your parental mission is our professional passion. 

Ways Iron Academy is better at building men:

Superb Academics: Our Targeted Learning philosophy and male-centered environment have delivered a 8.7% increase in IQ after 1 year; 15% after 2 years.

Biblically Grounded: Our Honor Code embodies every aspect of daily life at Iron Academy, culminating in the last line: “Follow The King.”

Socially Engaging: Our environment allows for organic, healthy, and encouraging interactions between students in all grades. 

Leadership Development: Our ideal is the biblical model of the shepherd. Every student, from grade 6-12, is given the opportunity to be be trained as a leader.

Competitive Athletics: On the court, field, mat, or track, our student-athletes learn to apply the Honor Code and biblical concepts to their endeavors -- and are often rewarded!