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“The pursuit of Biblical manhood is not just a slogan for Iron Academy, it is a daily reality.” - Iron Academy Parent

At Iron Academy, we desire to impact your son’s life educationally and physically, but most importantly, we seek to strengthen his relationship with Jesus Christ.

Ways we do this:

Honor Code 

Blade Maintenance Days & Accountability Days

Student Leadership 

Consistent Discipleship Opportunities 

Yes, we require much of our young men--we stretch them, expect them to be better than they were when they arrived at Iron Academy, and we hold them entirely accountable. Yet, in all these ways, we all do our part to see these gentlemen grow in favor with God and man; and in keeping with the theme of Proverbs 27:17, we remove metal and sharpen the dull spots. As a result, the young men grow, they are strengthened and encouraged, and God is glorified in all of this!

Ultimately, our desire is to point the young man toward Christ.