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“All your questions get answered and you don't want to leave when the bell rings.” - Iron Academy Student

Middle School students have five academic courses and a study hall period each day. We use a modified block schedule with History and Science classes being 90 minutes each day and lasting for one semester and Math, Bible, and PE classes being 45 minutes each day and lasting the entire school year. Because we put a high emphasis on English Language Arts to build greater proficiency in reading and writing, our ELA curriculum is 90 minutes for the entire school year. Each 90-minute class period includes a “brain break” at the midpoint of the class period in which the students do a few minutes of rigorous physical activity, which research shows stimulates the brain and promotes better learning.


Middle School Courses:

English Language Arts (ELA)






*Iron Academy 8th graders take Algebra 1 for high school credit. Demonstrated math proficiency in 7th grade can qualify the student to take Algebra 1 at a Honors level.