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“You cannot aspire to a college or career that you do not know exists.” - Mrs. Manning, Iron Academy College and Career Counselor

We are pleased to offer college and career counseling to our students. Our goal is for each Iron Academy graduate to leave well prepared for their future endeavors. These conversations and preparations begin in 9th grade with a College and Career Exploration mini-course that helps our students identify their interests, life-style preferences, and strengths to aid their exploration of future majors and careers. This intensive jump starts our high school students on a path of self-exploration and sets the foundation for years of continued advising and planning.

Students meet regularly with our counselor throughout their high school years, meeting a minimum of once per semester. However, all are encouraged to meet even more frequently, particularly in their junior and senior year leading up to big decisions about post-high school plans. We frequently hold informational meetings for students and parents on topics such as college applications, SAT/ACT prep, financial aid, and more.