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Due to our intense focus on discipleship, Iron Academy is an intentionally small school. As such, we endeavor to maintain a target of 15 exceptional young men per grade.

For an idea of what Iron Academy is looking for when evaluating a “right fit family", please see the page, “Who Should Apply?”

We appreciate your enthusiasm to join Iron Academy. Every family must go through our application process, outlined below. Submission of an application does not always equal acceptance. 

  1. Tour
  2. Shadow
  3. Submit application and supporting documents

Once these steps have been completed, the Admissions Team may invite your family in for an interview. Not every family will receive an invitation for an interview. 

No. Iron Academy is not the right fit for families who are looking for more structured control or behavior modification/therapy.

No. Iron Academy is a regular day school for students whose families live locally.

The upperclassmen of Iron Academy are expected to be the leaders of the school culture, leaders in discipleship, and mentors to the younger students. Demonstration of biblical leadership is a requirement for graduating Iron Academy. An incoming Junior or Senior will not have had the time or the training to develop in these roles and meet expectations. 

Iron Academy is an intentionally small school with limited resources and therefore does not commit to following IEP's. We do not offer any specialized services or tutoring that an IEP may recommend. We will be happy to review an applicant's IEP to determine if we believe he can be successful in our academic setting. Some students have found the structure of Iron Academy to be organically beneficial to their needs or their diagnoses and have flourished, but this is not always the case. Please contact us at to discuss your son's specific needs in more detail.  

If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us or schedule a tour.


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