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“We discuss problems instead of hiding them. We acknowledge them and try to get better.” - Iron Academy Student

One of the best tools we have to affect and measure desired outcomes for biblical manhood is called Blade Maintenance. Blade Maintenance Days occur at least three times a year. If handled with integrity, courage, grit, and kindness, each day contributes to a beautiful, transformative process where iron truly sharpens iron.

We create Blade Maintenance questions to cause the student to look inwardly at how effectively he is living out the Honor Code at home, in school, at church, and beyond. Prior to the Blade Maintenance Day, we ask parents to meet with their sons and take some time to compare thoughts with one another as the young man works through the questions, so that he has the opportunity to see from his parents’ perspective how they believe he lives out the Code. On Blade Maintenance Day, students meet in groups with their peers, tribe members, and teachers to discuss each other's answers to the questions. The goal for the day is to celebrate the growth of each young man and illuminate areas in his life that need improvement.  

This “sharpening” reflects the intentional efforts of the people in each young man’s life who love him and want to see him become the man God created him to be! 

Furthermore, the Blade Maintenance process also demonstrates to each young man that he does not walk alone as he strives toward the goal of biblical manhood. As the student answers each question with honesty and transparency, the results should serve to both encourage him for his progress and exhort him to continue, or even raise, his trajectory of growth in many ways.