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“The teachers teach the class in a way that everyone can understand.” - Iron Academy Student

High School students have four or five academic courses and a study hall period each day. We use a modified block schedule with History, Literature, Bible, and Science classes being 90 minutes each day and lasting for one semester and Math, Spanish, and PE classes being 45 minutes each day and lasting the entire school year. Each 90-minute class includes a “brain break” at the midpoint of the class period in which the students do a few minutes of rigorous physical activity, which research shows stimulates the brain and promotes better learning.

The course credits needed for our high school graduation requirement for all students exceed the minimum credits needed for admission to the UNC system. Each student must earn at least 24 credits distributed as:

4 credits in Literature
4 credits in Mathematics
4 credits in Science
4 credits in History
4 credits in Bible and Philosophy (1 credit per year enrolled)
2 credits in Foreign Language (3 levels of Spanish offered)
1 credit in Health and Physical Education
1 credit from Elective

Students can choose to take many of our courses at an Honors-level, allowing an extra GPA point. In lieu of AP-courses, several of our upper-level high school courses can be taken as Dual Enrollment with The College at Southeastern for college credits. 

We administer the PSAT and ASVAB to our students. We also offer an SAT Prep Course for those students desiring extra assistance.