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Why give? Why become an Ally?

When you become an Iron Ally, you are joining the movement to reclaim God’s best for our young men.  Nothing has been more destructive to our national culture than our failure over recent generations to understand biblical manhood, to practice biblical manhood, and to teach biblical manhood.   We know of no other program anywhere so dedicated to biblical discipleship in such a way that will so positively affect our young men’s families (immediate and future), our broken culture, and our churches.

Iron Academy is leading the way in the fight to restore the values of biblical manhood to our communities.  Our families and churches are facing pervasive cultural forces so mightily aligned against biblical manhood that they simply cannot do this alone.  Iron Academy and its supporters are the allies so crucial to this fight.

If, after tithing to your local church, you can find a program better at building godly young men, support it wholeheartedly.  If there is a cause more important to our country than restoring expectations for and training in biblical manhood for our sons, sustain that cause unreservedly.  If you can find a school more dedicated to developing biblical manhood, befriend it.  If there is a school whose educational philosophy better matches the learning preferences of young men and matches what we now know about how the brain works, reinforce its efforts.  If, however, you agree with our God-given vision to provide the preeminent education for young men and the finest training in biblical manhood available, become an Iron Ally.  If you know that Iron Academy must succeed and must provide a reproducible model for future Christian schools, become an Iron Ally now.

What does your donation support?

As our enrollment continues to expand as we add more classes to each grade and add more grades each year, we need your help to fulfill the Iron Academy mission.  We will need to hire additional superior teachers and gain more classroom space.  Our teachers must be experienced educators who love the Lord, who exemplify biblical manhood or, in the case of female teachers, understand and esteem biblical manhood, and who would be outstanding mentors to each of our Iron Academy students.  Your contributions will have a direct impact upon shaping Christian boys into exceptionally educated and biblically-grounded young men who are maximally developed for a life of leadership, self-discipline, and service – exactly what our communities need!  Investing Allies will receive annual updates on how donations were allocated.  We want you to know how you are changing lives, families, and expectations for young men throughout the area.

Online Donations:

You may give directly to Iron Academy through the National Christian Foundation’s Iron Academy Fund.  You may be sure that your donation is secure, that your information will not be sold or shared with any other organizations, and that you will receive timely annual notifications of your contribution for tax purposes.  Iron Academy is a federally recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Click here to make a donation online.

NCF Non-Cash Donations:

Iron Academy is a respected member of the National Christian Foundation. This relationship allows our Allies the opportunity to allocate strategically non-cash assets such as stock, capital gains gifts, donations through charitable trusts, real-estate, charitable estate gifts and more. For such donations and gifts, call or email our NCF representative, Madison Coats, at (919) 438-0350 or Click here to make an NCF Non-Cash Donation.

Matching Grant Donations:

When you make a donation to Iron Academy, your employer may match your gift. Please check with your human resources office to find out if your contribution is eligible for a match. Click here to contact us about making a matching grant donation.

Contact Us for More Information:

If you desire more information on giving to Iron Academy, or would like to set up an personal discussion, please contact Alan Hahn at


There are many other ways you can support Iron Academy, such as mentoring, volunteering, and joining our prayer team. We very much appreciate your willingness to team up with us in this extraordinary and unique ministry.  If you would like to volunteer, please share your ideas with us at

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