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I value purity.

I value purity.

Dear Friend,

While some school districts are waging a campaign against classical literature and virtues, at Iron Academy they constitute an important part of our academic life (check out the essay "What Censorship Costs Us" by Iron Academy virtue and literature teacher, Mrs. Kristen Schrum, to learn more).

Not only do our young men learn about the virtues by reading classical works, but they are also invited to live them out. We call our method for how we recognize, encourage, and build students in the virtues and dispositions I.D.E.A., which stands for:

  • Identifying a virtue in someone's life,
  • Describing it in understandable terms,
  • Encouraging its continuation and cultivation, and finally
  • Anticipating its value to the individual's future relationships (husband, father, public servant, doctor, etc). 

Over the next couple of weeks, our #ValueVirtue Spring fundraising campaign will be celebrating the role virtues like courage, justice, leadership, love, purity, and truth have at Iron Academy. As part of our celebration, we wanted to spotlight Stone Kiker. 

Stone Kiker values the virtue of purity. And there are few better witnesses of Stone's virtues and dispositions than his brother-in-law, Ben Lapinskes. Listen to how Ben describes Stone's pure disposition while Stone dated his sister:

"Stone Kiker began at Iron Academy in the sixth grade and was part of the 2020 graduating class. Throughout his time at Iron Academy, Stone was an excellent example of purity. From midway through his sophomore year through graduation, Stone committed himself to the Nazarite vow, committing to maintain purity in life, from the way he ate to the things to which he exposed his mind to. In addition, Stone began courting and then dating Sarah, his current wife and my sister.

Over the course of their pre-marriage relationship, Stone maintained his purity and integrity, as well as that of Sarah’s. The purity he displayed in both his vow and his relationship was possible through Stone’s submission and accountability to Sarah, his brothers, mentors, and to God as well as intentional and prayerful consideration and actions.

I pray that Stone will continue to seek a life of purity by remaining accountable to those in his life, especially his wife and the Lord, and that the Lord will continue to bless his marriage, his work, and his other relationships. As Stone continues in a life of purity, I pray he will remain a gifted leader and an example worthy of being imitated, whether it be by his coworkers, brothers, his wife, or his future children." 

- Ben Lapinskes

If you too #ValueVirtue, and value the work Iron Academy is doing cultivating it by restoring biblical manhood through iron-sharpens-iron discipleship, would you consider helping us reach 100% of our Spring matching grant fundraising goal by making a one-time or monthly donation of $10, $25, $50, $100, $250, or more today?

PS: Thanks to a generous donor, every $1 you donate will be DOUBLED until the end of April! Help us take full advantage of this needed $11,000 matching grant by making a donation today.


Together, we build men.

Alan Hahn
CEO, Founder

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