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Jon Anderson, Incoming Student Leader

Jon Anderson

In the world today, high schoolers being raised as leaders is unheard of; but at Iron Academy, it is common practice. I have been going to Iron for six going on seven years and I have been learning aspects of leadership since day one. It was a very unnatural thing at first but over a short amount of time I embraced it and decided to make it a priority of mine. At times I will admit I pushed it to the side to do what I felt like doing but it ultimately came back to me. The leadership at Iron is a unique experience because it is chosen by the student body rather than the staff which gives the students a role in school that most schools don’t allow their students to experience. But even after the elections take place and new leaders are reinstated, it is still just as common for former leaders to help the newly elected leaders efficiently guide the school. It is a very smooth process and requires no campaign process for anyone. It is left up to the student body to decide who they would like to represent them. Fortunately, I am now the student chosen to represent the school. The mantle was passed down to me by Jackson Welch and I will be representing the student body 1st and 2nd quarter of my Senior year. I have been able to talk to Jackson Welch about what it means to be the school leader and the responsibility that comes with it and he has done a swell job at helping me understand the importance of this role in our school. It is my goal as the newly elected school leader to help our students stay on top of their work, help them understand the importance of biblical manhood, and to teach and learn with them the importance of good leadership.

Parent Perspective from Rebekah Anderson:
Jon started attending Iron Academy in sixth grade. If anyone had met Jon during his middle school years, they would’ve said there’s no way that he would one day become the school leader. It has been our joy as parents to see such a significant change in Jon from sixth grade until now, his senior year. We always knew that he had the capacity to be a fantastic leader, but that academic, emotional, mental, and spiritual maturation would be needed for him to use his leadership skill in a positive light. Jon has shown an amazing amount of growth, and has proven to his peers and the staff at Iron Academy that he was worthy to be elected as the school leader for Iron Academy this school year. We are thankful for God’s graciousness in Jon’s life, and look forward to seeing how He will continue work through Jon as he leads the young men.   

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