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Biblical Manhood


Active Leadership Development Program

Iron Academy’s Active Leadership Development Program entrusts young men to lead: to practice it, to mess it up, to study it in action, and to learn from real-world successes and failures. Our leaders will make important decisions, reject passivity, and learn to manage group dynamics. Much of the daily life at Iron Academy relies upon student-directed leadership. Convocation every morning is run by student leadership that regularly rotates. The entire school is cleaned daily by students and managed by student leaders. Much of the discipline is handled directly by students who uphold Matthew 18:15-17 principles, iron sharpening iron. Round Tables draw upon every student who has earned his Challenge Coin to participate actively in the disciplinary process. Iron Academy students hold one another accountable for the Honor Code. They formulate the school rules each year. Student leadership is a daily practice and has daily significance for every student. It isn’t always pretty or perfect, but it is intensive, hands-on, effective, and life-changing. Student-directed leadership is the perfect complement to the Iron Academy Honor Code.  It allows us to teach the students the code and how it influences daily life at Iron Academy. It then places most of the culture-building responsibility on the young men, where it should be. To be eligible to be a leader, students must possess their challenge coins, be in good academic standing, and submit a school leader application form to be approved by the faculty. If the leader fulfill the requirements for the elective in leadership, he can receive elective credit.  Our students have several opportunities to develop and refine their leadership skills as described below. 

School Leader
School Leaders are elected twice per year.  The School Leader participates equally in Roundtable discussions with the staff, initiates and conducts intensive mentoring of fellow students  as needed, runs the daily convocation, works closely with staff on issues as they arise, and is usually the first student to be entrusted with a problem.  The School Leader has input in any revisions of the code of conduct.  

Tribe Leaders
Our student body is divided into three tribes named for King David’s three mightiest warriors: Eleazar, Josheb, and Shammah.  Each tribe will elect its own high school and middle school leader each quarter.  Tribe leaders have significant responsibility for speaking for the tribe, being responsible for daily chores, monitoring the overall health of their tribe and tribemates, initiating Matthew 18 conflict-resolution principles, and consulting with Iron Academy staff members as needed. The Tribe Leaders have input in any revisions of the code of conduct.

Crucible Camp Squires
Crucible Camp Squires are valuable mentors and encouragers of all entering students who attend Crucible Camp.  They assist the faculty in managing the week’s rigorous activities.  

In this leadership role, the Shepherds will meet daily with assigned middle school students to encourage them in regards to the Honor Code and check their bookbag and review their homework plan to ensure that all work is being managed well.  The Shepherds will add a layer of encouragement and accountability for our younger gentleman scholars. 

Student Chaplain 
Chaplains are elected twice per year.  The Chaplain assumes responsibility for Chapel service on Thursdays, keeping himself in tune with the spiritual health of the school, initiating Matthew 18 conflict-resolution principles, and consulting with Iron Academy staff members as needed. 

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