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Tuition & Fees

It is our goal that you will quickly grow to find that your investment in Iron Academy provides the best return you ever make. The Iron Academy experience is, after all, the greatest discipleship community for young men we know of in the world! We are committed to keeping our tuition and fees as affordable as possible while still maintaining our small class sizes, individual attention and mentoring, superior faculty who are master teachers, student leadership development program, and rites of passage. We welcome the opportunity to talk to you if you have concerns about affording an Iron Academy education for your son.

Application Fee: $100 (non-refundable) An application is incomplete until the $100 fee is paid and required documents are submitted.

Tuition MS: For 2022-2023, middle school tuition will be $10,975.

Tuition HS: For 2022-2023, high school tuition will be $11,680.

Crucible Camp Fee for all new students: The new student fee is $450 and reflects our cost for Crucible Camp, the first week away in the mountains with all new students. The Honor Code is the focus of this week and is the foundation upon which an Iron Academy student is built. (non-refundable)

Forging Camp Fee for high school: We kick off our high school experience with Forging Camp, a 5-day intensive survival school and deep training in biblical manhood. All returning 9th-grade students go to this camp and new high school students will go the year after they attend Crucible Camp. There is a $450 fee per attendee and fathers and/or male mentors will be invited to attend (not required) with the young men. (non-refundable)

Finishing Camp Fee for Spring of 11th: Each spring we take our 11th grade students on a Biblical Manhood/Civil War Battlefield Tour. Steve Maye of Lead With Character guides the tour. It is the finest integration of biblical manhood into history we have witnessed. It is a time of stretching our students as they see how men facing the most difficult situations maintained and grew in the faith they had been cultivating all their lives. As these young men prepare to enter the world upon graduation, who will they be? How will they respond to life's trials? Who will the flaming forge of life show them to be? We encourage all fathers, step-fathers, grandfathers, and significant mentors to attend this trip. The fee is $250 per attendee. (non-refundable)

Senior Fee: In order to cover the costs of celebrating our senior class throughout the school year and the costs of graduation, each graduating senior will need to pay a fee of $500. This fee will include their cap and gown, diplomas, graduation photos, as well as a variety of special gifts and events throughout their senior year. More details about this fee will be given at the beginning of each school year during the Senior Parent meeting. 

Athletic/Extra-curricular fees: Each extra-curricular comes with a fee that reflects our costs in providing the opportunity for students to participate. For example, these fees cover coaches stipends, association fees and dues, and maintaining uniforms as needed. 

Enrollment/Re-enrollment Fee: To secure a student’s place at Iron Academy and pay for annual standardized testing, the $750 Enrollment/Re-enrollment Fee must be paid within 10 days of official acceptance to Iron Academy. The Re-enrollment fee for 2021-22 will be due January 1, 2021. Failure to pay either fee forfeits acceptance to Iron Academy. (non-refundable)

Resource Fee: To eliminate the difficulties of securing supplemental texts and workbooks throughout the school year, a $250 resource fee due July 1 is assessed each student. Iron Academy will provide all supplemental texts and workbooks (e.g. literature books and planners for all students). This fee may not cover all field trips and lab costs and will not cover the replacement of lost resources. 

Withdrawal Fee: Iron Academy attracts special families and students who are intensely devoted to the values of biblical manhood and scholarship. We protect small classroom sizes and endeavor to attract the best students. Iron Academy students are considered enrolled for the entire academic year. Annual budgets are set accordingly. The early withdrawal of a student creates an opening Iron Academy may not be able to fill with a suitable young man. Young men who withdraw anytime between July 1 and May 10 of the school year will be assessed a Withdrawal Fee of $850.00. In addition, the full month’s tuition is due for any month in which the student attends one school day. All fees are due in full and are non-refundable. Refunds are for tuition only and will be made on accounts that are paid beyond the current month. Official transcripts, report cards, and records cannot be released or sent to other schools if an outstanding balance remains at Iron Academy. Failure to pay the outstanding balance within 10 days of withdrawal will result in dismissal.

NCSEAA: All Grant monies are applied to tuition payments and fees invoiced subsequent to Iron Academy’s first automated notification from the North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority indicating the process is officially proceeding for the given student. The funds are direct grants to Iron Academy. NCSEAA monies are never applicable to tuition and fee amounts invoiced and due prior to the first official contact from the Authority. NCSEAA payments are applied to tuition and fee payments invoiced thereafter for continuously enrolled students and may be applied toward tuition and fees for the next academic year. It is, therefore, encouraged that families complete every procedural step required of the North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority as quickly as possible. Iron Academy will do the same in good faith to facilitate the speediest receipt of any funds from the NCSEAA applicable to an Iron Academy student.

Not included: meals, field trips, school supplies, and the required laptop with wi-fi, and full-sized keyboard each student should have access to.

Annual Iron Family Giving: Tuition and fees do not cover the cost of an Iron Academy tuition. We MUST rely on the generous donations of the Iron Academy community – parents, grandparents, faculty, and other friends of the school – to help close the gap that exists between tuition and the actual cost of an Iron Academy education. Our deepest hope is that 100% of our parents and Iron Academy friends will see fit to participate in this effort – at a level appropriate to his or her circumstances. Please consider establishing a monthly giving fund directed to Iron Academy through National Christian Foundation or allocating year-end giving to the academy.

Tuition assistance will be made available on a limited scale for academic year 2021-2022 through our Tennyson Scholarships.

  • Families already accepted and enrolled will be eligible for up to $2,500 in tuition assistance under the following conditions:
    • Available student and tuition assistance funds have not been exhausted (first come, first served)
    • Tuition represents 20% or more of gross household income per previous year’s IRS records
    • Student has an academic GPA of 2.5 or higher at the end of each semester
    • Existing IA student has satisfied all arrears to Iron Academy
    • Existing IA student is in good standing with the Iron Academy Honor Code Round Table
      • Is not on Round Table suspension
      • Has not been asked to surrender his Challenge Coin
      • Is not on Round Table probation
      • Students who have not yet received their Challenge Coin are still subject to the Honor Code Round Table and may have the issuance of their Challenge Coin delayed because of failure to live up to the Honor Code
        • Students who have successfully completed the Crucible Camp will begin to be issued Challenge Coins within the first quarter of the year as they are deemed by the staff to be conducting themselves according to the Honor Code
        • Delayed issuance constitutes a probationary state
  • Qualifying families should inquire directly to after completing the online application and submitting all application materials
    • For all recipients of the Tennyson Scholarship beginning July 1, 2020, the remaining balance of tuition and fees AFTER THE ENROLLMENT FEE for the school year will be paid in equal monthly installments on the first of each month via ACH/automatic draft. This automatic draft must be set up prior to, as a condition of, and in consideration for receipt of any scholarship funds. Payments will be divided equally among the eleven months from July through May for non-staff recipients. Should a family decline to conform with this portion of the Tennyson Scholarship contract—the ACH—the Tennyson Scholarship offer will be withdrawn immediately. 

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