Stone Kiker, Elected School Leader


Stone Kiker, Elected School Leader

Iron Academy is a small school with a large focus on leadership training. Our current School leader, Stone Kiker, leads daily convocation and oversees daily chores. This means he checks with each tribe leader who is accountable for how his tribe has performed in attendance, academics, chores, and keeping the honor code.

Stone’s leadership style is confidence laced with honest humility and humor. He can assign twenty-five burpees to a job-shirking student without communicating dislike of the student, but merely of the offensive behavior.

Stone is learning that leading is demonstrating correct attitudes, working harder than the others, treating others with respect, being honest about failure and beginning again.

Stone and all of our leaders are learning to lead through trial and error with teacher oversight, and encouragement. But, they are not teacher pets or “yes” men.

Stone is a gifted musical performer who is a natural leader of others. His leadership challenges differ from those of leaders who are quieter, but all leaders have challenges and, given ample opportunity to improve, all have grown dramatically.