Daily Busing Route from N Raleigh Opening August 2017!

Current Academy parents have assembled the Busing Committee and are putting together the daily busing route.  It will begin at Triangle Town Center, make one or more stops along 540 and Creedmoor Road/50.  This will be a tremendous help to our parents from Knightdale to Youngsville to N Raleigh.

Iron Academy Makes the Grade

Iron Community, we are excited to share results from the most objective measure of teaching effectiveness: nationally-normed standardized tests that measure thinking capacity against same-aged peers. From day one, it has been our contention that Iron Academy would deliver a superb education that resulted in measureable results; that we would make our students smarter in relation to their peers in all other schools. Last year, we revealed remarkable improvements in individual student’s scores compared to their previous year’s results. Iron Academy students gained an average of 8.8 percentile points against peers throughout the nation!

Learn more about the TerraNova testing results here.


Family Information Meetings Spring 2017

Iron Academy will be hosting a Family Information Meetings on the following dates.  All but the Sunday, April 9 meeting (1:30-3:00 at Summit Brier Creek) are from 6:30-8:00 pm. If you know families who would treasure an environment in which the timeless and much-needed values of biblical manhood are being instilled daily, please do invite them to join us.

For more information or questions, please contact us. We look forward to seeing you there!

  • Tuesday, February 07     Providence Baptist         
  • Thursday, February 16   Crossroads Fellowship  
  • Tuesday, February 21     Colonial Baptist
  • Thursday, February 23    Summit Church, Blue Ridge Campus
  • Sunday, March 05           Providence Baptist         
  • Tuesday, March 07         RFA, Raleigh First Assembly        
  • Thursday, April 06          Crossroads Fellowship
  • Sunday, April 9                Summit Church, Brier Creek 1:30-3:00 pm  
  • Thursday, April 13           Colonial Baptist
  • Sunday, April 23              RFA, Raleigh First Assembly

Debating in the 21st Century

How does Iron Academy debate a Texan school 1,212 miles away? We use world-class technology to bring Prestonwood Academy’s debate team to the same room. Cisco Systems Telepresence technology allowed us to debate live this week with Prestonwood–it is a truly remarkable technology that makes the impossible possible. We united 12 judges, 8 debaters, and 4 moderators from Texas and North Carolina for the world’s first formal Telepresence debate. Everyone was able to speak to and look directly at fellow participants, debating and judging as if separated by a few feet rather than a three-day drive. Thank you to Cisco Systems in RTP and Richardson, TX and to Prestonwood Academy’s team, as well as the 12 judges. We were blessed in RTP to have Russell Hemingway, Dave Collins, Michelle Le, Sue Gray, Terry Schnake, and Mac Gunnels judge the proceedings and offer tremendous feedback. Congratulations to Nathan Wilson, Iron Academy’s Speech and Debate Coach, on a terrific debut for his first year with Iron Academy! 

And now, the results: congratulations to the Iron Academy Speech and Debate team for their win! They prevailed against an impressive and well-coached PCA team and extended a remarkable record: they are undefeated throughout the three years of our speech and debate program despite competitions with TX, NC, SC, and VA teams. Though clearly ecstatic about the win, they have already begun working on improving in several areas. Gentlemen scholars in the making!

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