What does it take to be a teacher at Iron Academy?  We have four requirements for adding to our superb teaching staff.

  1. We look for growing, fruitful disciples of Christ.
  2. We demand experienced, effective educators, people who know the art of teaching.
  3. We must have people who understand and fully support our emphasis upon biblical manhood.  Men should be strong models for the values of biblical manhood. Women should understand young men,demand great things from them, and know how to get the best from them.
  4. A teacher at Iron Academy has to be somebody we would want mentoring our own sons.

Finding a candidate who meets the first three criteria is relatively easy.  Finding superb teachers who meet all four criteria is something significantly more difficult.

It is our goal to attract the finest available teachers not only through the appealing superiority of the educational philosophy and the allure of the mission of Iron Academy, but also through competitive teacher salaries. It is our firm belief that the best teachers must be rewarded accordingly. Your young man will enjoy the blessing of being surrounded by fabulous educators who are also strong Christian role models who will reinforce your highest expectations.

Please contact info@ironacademy.org if you would like to hear more about opportunities to join the Iron Academy team.  Experienced educators interested in joining our team should submit an updated resume, a brief letter expressing why you find Iron Academy so compelling, and a video of your most recent teaching experience.  

Meet our featured teachers, Mr. Mack, Mr. Anderson, and Ms. Vacher, and hear the passion they have for teaching and mentoring our students: