Brendan Hanna

BrendanHannaBrendan is in the eighth grade and his third year at Iron Academy.  He is an excellent student who plans to pursue a career in engineering, so he is also taking two classes with Young Engineers of Today and Cross M Innovations.

As a member of the debate team, he is looking forward to competing in tournaments this spring season.  The debate resolutions that he found most interesting last year covered U.S. government policies regarding ISIL and GMO foods.  The team is currently tackling the issue of our responsibility for refugees in crisis.

Brendan participates in many activities; he is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys fishing, skiing, skating, and pond hockey with his brothers, as well as golf with his entire family. He was selected as a member of Iron Academy’s inaugural golf team last spring.

At last year’s Arts of the Swordsmen, he dazzled the audience by playing the James Bond theme on his guitar.  Brendan is also an enthusiastic reader–his favorite genres are historical fiction and Greek mythology.  He enjoys all of his classes and teachers but is particularly fond of history, literature, and science.

While Brendan excels academically, both he and his parents are primarily thankful for IA’s training in biblical manhood, which has helped him grow as a true follower of Jesus Christ.